New York Recycles Poster Contest Theme Background & Ideas

Theme: New York Recycles!

New York Recycles is our way of promoting recycling and buying recycled in New York State. Events that encourage recycling and buying recycled take place all year. These events lead up to a celebration on November 15th called New York Recycles Day. New York Recycles Day is part of the national event America Recycles Day. Check out our website for more information on New York Recycles!

Suggestions for posters: Show items that can be recycled in New York and/or how to recycle these items. Don't forget items that people might not remember to recycle or know how to recycle, such as clothing, film plastic, cell phones, and rechargeable batteries!

Theme: Reduce Your Single Use

Waste reduction is so important that it's the first of the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). Waste reduction means decreasing how much waste (garbage) you create. Choosing reusable items instead of single use items is one way to reduce your waste. Choosing reusable items instead of single use items helps the environment because it not only reduces waste but also conserves natural resources and can also help reduce litter.

Suggestions for posters: Whether you're at home, at school, at sports practice, on the go or somewhere else, show us which reusable items you choose to use instead of single use items! Examples include using reusable shopping bags, using reusable water bottles, choosing reusable utensils instead of disposable ones, packing your lunch in reusable containers instead of throw-away plastic lunch and snack bags and reusable straws instead of plastic straws.

Theme: Composting is a Heap of Fun!

Composting can be an enjoyable way to recycle things that come from nature. People often compost yard trimmings such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and branches, as well as food scraps (apple cores, banana peels, carrot tops, etc.) from their kitchens. The result of this process is dark, crumbly compost! It can be a good feeling to add compost to the soil and then watch your plants grow! The fun doesn't stop there. You can explore a compost bin or pile for the many creatures that live there, including spring tails, pill bugs, millipedes, and worms. These critters help to decompose the materials into compost.

Suggestions for posters:
· Children around a compost pile
· People adding leaves and food scraps to a compost pile
· Smiling worms, pill bugs, and other creatures in a compost bin
· A compost pile next to a garden
· People smiling while adding food scraps to a kitchen container

Theme: Let's Put Litter in its Place!

Litter is unsightly, unsanitary, unappealing, can be hazardous to humans, animals and our natural surroundings and it reduces the quality of our lives by degrading our environment. We've all been enjoying more time outdoors these days, so it's more important than ever. Together we can protect our environment.

Suggestions for posters: Show how we can take care of our environment by not littering! Some ideas for this include showing what we should do with litter, how litter affects our environment, showing different types of litter and what can happen with it, what we should do with litter when we see it, and how not littering helps our environment.